The Water Witch Team are delighted to announce that our Versi-Cat multipurpose all-electric vessel has been selected as a Finalist for The Gustave Trouvé Awards for Excellence in Electric Boats and Boating an International Award run by electric boat website


Versi-Cat Trash Skimmer Boat


The awards were created to recognise the inventors, designers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are making advances every day to develop technologies and designs to reduce reliance on fossil fuel for marine propulsion.

They are named to honour Gustave Trouvé, a prolific French inventor with over 75 patents to his name, who was awarded the Légion d’Honneur in 1882. Among his innovations was the world’s first outboard boat motor, which he devised so that he could detach the motor from his prototype electric boat ‘Le Teléphone’ and take it home to work on in his Paris apartment.

While M. Trouvé’s invention predates the 1887 patent of the internal combustion engine, and electric boats have been available since the early 20th century, it is not until recently that they have entered the mainstream marine market.

‘The Gussies’, as the awards are known in the electric boat world, are the only international boating awards that focus exclusively on electric boats and boating.

The Finalists were chosen by a 19 person Judging Panel made up of experts from electric boating associations around the world as well as the winners from the first two Gussies Awards in 2020 and 2021.

Jackie Caddick, Director at Water Witch, comments: “Our zero-emission all-electric Versi-Cat workboats are truly multi-purpose and are sustainably built from marine grade aluminium with up to 70% recycled content and most importantly 100% recyclable.   We are working hard to develop clean, quiet and affordable solutions and are delighted to be featured as one of the World’s best electric boats!  Using the weight saving advantages of aluminium construction, we are around 30% lighter than a plastic fibreglass equivalent, and that means we require a relatively low power range of 12kW without reducing performance.


Electric Work Boat


The motor is powered by the most up to date and safest ‘intelligent’ Power48 lithium batteries on the market. The vessel’s electric controls feature a built-in GPS, an on-board computer and display for information such as speed and input power, state of charge and remaining range, and even an advance communication system that links user’s Bluetooth and App technology to the complete system.

Unlike the distinctive hum heard from traditional diesel boats, the Versi-Cat is almost silent as it glides through the water.


The Versi-Cat can be configured to meet various tasks with a unique removable central pod system.  The pods can be used for litter and debris collection, cargo handling and a variety of other tasks.  With the lifting frame and electric windlass, the vessel is also equipped to handle buoy and other installation maintenance, towing, personnel transport, rescue missions, as well as the possibility to assist in oil spill operations.  A customized road trailer was also supplied to allow the vessel to be easily deployed to different sites.


Thank You to all of the Judges.

To vote for the Water Witch Versi-Cat under the Workboat category visit the Plugboats website.






Editor Notes

Water Witch are leading designers in multi-purpose workboats for waterway maintenance and clean up duties.  The Company was founded in 1966 and is family owned, and now into its 4th generation.


Electric propulsion is advancing fast, and by concentrating on building 100% electric systems (not just the motor but all on-board equipment) and from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials, we are able to offer a unique design that is a world first.


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