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Fighting ocean plastic pollution and cleaning up our rivers is now big news but one British company has been designing and building innovative boats for this purpose for decades.

Liverpool-based, Water Witch have built over 200 specialist clean up vessels for port and marina operators around the world, and their latest client is Premier Marinas Port Solent Marina on the South Coast of England.

The 7.0m aluminium ‘Versi-Cat’ has been built for Port Solent Marina as a replacement to its previous 6.0m Water Witch marina maintenance craft which has seen many years hard service keeping the marina pristine.  The new vessel boasts many extra features, including a drop down aluminium operator canopy for navigating under low bridges.

Moreover, one of the unique design features of this vessel is the option to fit deck plates which simply slot into one another to make a level working deck (even with the litter collection basket underneath).  The handrails are also completely removable to help load on equipment.


According to Jackie, Director of Water Witch, the potential benefits for marinas are huge, with the chance to make a real environmental impact and enhance the water quality for all stakeholders.  “Nobody wants to see floating litter in their marina or their berths choked in weed.   Port Solent, an award-winning Five Gold Anchor marina, has demonstrated its environmental commitment over many years, working hard to ensure a clean, safe marine environment and a first class visitor experience.  They join some of the most prestigious marinas who have chosen Water Witch to help maintain their waterfronts including The Pearl, Qatar, Royal Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles and Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool.


Although the Versi-Cat’s main function is retrieving plastic litter, debris and aquatic vegetation (a seasonal problem for many waterfront operators), the versatile pontoon design also includes a range of ‘pods’; that sit between the hulls.  The pods make their boats is extremely adaptable for a huge range of applications ranging from mobile pump out and general maintenance support, to buoy maintenance and dive support roles.


Mark Phillp CMM, Port Solent’s Marina Manager said: “Premier takes its commitment to protecting the environment very seriously. This new boat is certainly an upgrade and will allow the team to efficiently collect debris and weed from the water to keep our waters clear. This is a significant investment for Premier and one we have made following feedback from our berth holders.”

Jackie Caddick, also added: “Eighty per cent of ocean plastics and marine litter originates from inland, so cleaning our rivers, marinas and harbours needs to be a priority if we are to tackle the problem. Premier’s Port Solent Marina is playing an important role in keeping plastic pollution from entering our ocean and landing on our beaches.



Editors Notes

About Water Witch

Water Witch are leading designers in specialist trash retrieval and waterway cleanup craft. Designed to be manoeuvrable in hard to reach areas, the shallow draft Versi-Cat features a removable catchment basket which collects and filters debris, solid waste and vegetation through its inverted bows. These easy to use boats are specifically designed to efficiently collect smaller plastic items such as coffee cups, plastic bottles, food wrappers, styrofoam and plastic bags right up to large items of timber.


The Company was founded in 1966 and since that time over 1 million tonnes of marine debris have been removed by Water Witch vessels from waterways around the world.


For more information, contact Jackie Caddick, Director of Water Witch, on +44 (0)151 207 4874 or email



Versi-Cat Vessel Specification


Length (Hull)                                                   07.00M

Breadth                                                           02.50M

Depth                                                              00.70M

Storage Capacity                                            1,000KG / 2.80M3

Max Engine                                                     50hp

Max Speed (25hp Engine)                              7-8 knots


The Versi-Cat is a versatile, multi-function craft designed for efficient waterway clean up duties, manufactured from high quality Certified 4mm marine grade 5083 aluminium.


The unique drop in ‘pod’ system allows a range of duties to be undertaken efficiently whilst also offering a large flat working area and excellent stability.  The vessel efficiently collects litter, debris and aquatic vegetation by allowing it to dynamically float between the hulls into a removable collection basket with lifting and tipping lugs for discharge into a waste transfer skip/dumpster.  The capacity of the basket is 1,000kg or 2.80 cubic meters and is designed to collect all types of marine litter from small plastic food wrappers up to large baulks of timber.


Built with sustainable aluminium of up to 70% recycled sources, the vessel can be powered by either a four stroke outboard or fully electric drive.

Loading and unloading of cargo is easy using the unique lift-in pod arrangement and handrails are removable to allow easy deck access.   Range of loading ramps and ladder designs available.

Special Features


  • Unique interchangeable skip system allows the vessel to perform many functions
  • Very efficient system for collecting floating litter and debris without any complex hydraulics or moving parts.
  • Wheeled fendering allows the craft to be driven along walls where litter and weed is most likely to collect.
  • Inverted bow cancels out the wake between the hulls, reducing wash and disturbance to other vessels when underway. Particularly useful in confined spaces when working in a Marina.
  • Cutaway transoms allow the vessel to pull away from quay walls with ease when working in tight water spaces.
  • Pod system allows heavy items to be loaded directly on the quayside and lifted onto the boat via crane or hoist – no manual handling of equipment.
  • Unique bolt-together system allows the vessel to be shipped econically in a standard container for door to door delivery.


Water Witch provides debris collection and trash retrieval boats to companies around the world. Our range of tried and tested workboats have been developed to offer users a versatile, multi-purpose craft that can perform a wide range of duties in addition to efficient aquatic trash and debris removal.

Water Witch partner with waterway management, coastal municipalities, port authorities and tourist resorts to provide peace of mind, deliver efficient management and maintenance of your marine environment that will improve your own sustainability, keep the sea cleaner, and ensure your visitors keep coming back.

If you need more information, a copy of our video, or assistance with your waterway problem, please contact us.

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