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Buddy Multi-Purpose Workboat

Waterway Maintenance, Debris Collector & Trash Skimmer

6m and 7m Buddy Catamarans

Unique range of road transportable pontoon workboats with an interchangeable pod system.

Key advantages

  • Versatile
  • Simple to operate
  • Cost-effective

Versatile litter retrieval, trash skimmer and waterway maintenance boats for Marinas, Harbours and Inland Waterways.

Built from high quality marine grade aluminium and specifically designed for maximum stability, ease of operation and low cost of ownership.

Design Features

  • Wheeled fendering allows the craft to be driven along harbour walls where litter and debris is most likely to collect.
  • Cutaway transoms allow the buddy to pull away from quay walls with ease, adding manoeuvrability when working in confined water spaces.
  • Inverted bows cancel out the wake between hulls, reducing wash and disturbance when under way - particularly useful in marinas and confined spaces.
  • Sealed hulls offer excellent buoyancy, stability and carrying capacity. Handrails and operator's seat are easily removable for even greater versatility.
  • Available for ocean freight in standard ISO shipping containers.
  • Available in a range of hull sizes, deck configurations and console options to suit your exact requirements.

Outline Specification

Model 6m Buddy 7m Buddy 8m Buddy
Length (Hull) 5.83m (19') 7m (23') 8m (26' 3")
Breadth 2.30m (7' 7") 2.50m (8' 2") 2.50m (8' 2")
Depth 0.70m (2' 4") 0.70m (2' 4") 0.70m (2' 4")
Operating Draft (unladen) 0.20m (8") 0.20m (8") 0.20m (8")
Displacement (unladen) inc. Basket 700kg (1543 lbs) 1,200kg inc. cab (2645 lbs) 1,200kg (2645 lbs)
  6m Buddy detailed specification & options... 7m Buddy detailed specification & options... 8m Buddy detailed specification & options...

Standard Features

These features are standard across the Buddy range

  • All-welded certified 4mm 5083 marine grade aluminium for strength, high durability, low maintenance and a long working life
  • Built-in lifting points
  • Drop-in handrails with strengthened locking feet
  • 5-bar aluminium tread plate decks
  • Wheel Fenders

Interchangeable Pod System

The Buddy is extremely adaptable for a huge range of applications ranging from fast-response to pollution control needs, to mobile pump out  service, diving and maintenance support. This vessel really earns her keep!

The design incorporates a variety of 'pods' that sit between the twin hulls enabling many tasks to be undertaken. The pod system allows heavy items to be loaded directly onto the quayside and lifted onto the vessel via a crane with no need to manhandle the equipment to the water.

Marine Litter and trash collection

The Buddy's principle function is the efficient collection of litter, debris and aquatic vegetation from the water surface into a removable basket, which can be lifted and tipped directly into a skip or shore side receptacle for disposal.  The design allows floatables to simply collect between the hulls without any complex equipment or machinery.   When not in collection mode the basket can be winched up to ensure good transit speeds, and the system can even be operated with the deck plates in position.  The 7m and 8m hulls offer a spacious working deck area with room for waste sorting.

Load carrying

The Cargo Pod is designed specifically for transporting up to 1 tonne of cargo and equipment for use on or off the water. The pod can be craned in and out of the Buddy empty or full, allowing the operator to keep a range of pre-configured pods on hand for jobs such as discrete mobile pump-out and grey water storage, wash down and waste disposal.  Harbour operators can efficiently service boats on berth or at anchor with their liquid and solid waste disposal requirement and flexible storage options include built in holding tanks or portable IBC containers.

New -  Loading Ramps

Optional folding or removable drop-down loading ramps in a range of sizes - ideal for wheeled on equipment and bins.

Oil spill containment/recovery

A range of recovery solutions, including an in-line MOP Skimmer Pod can be deployed to deal with oil pollution. Tow-along bladders can be utilised to recover up to 20m3 of oil at a time.

For lighter work, oil absorbent pads & booms can be deployed and recovered with the Litter Collection Basket.

Weed cutting/harvesting

A removable cutter blade is available for cutting bottom-rooted and emergent aquatic weed such as Canadian Pondweed and blanket weed. Free floating aquatic vegetation is simply collected in the removable Collection Basket.

Work/access platform

The removable aluminium deck plates provide a 6m Buddy with up to 13m2 of deck space - making a stable working platform and safe transportation of passengers.

The plates can be positioned over most pods - for example: when litter collecting, the deck plates keep unsightly rubbish concealed until ready for off-loading. An optional cradle is available for safety stowing the deck plates on board when not in use.

Diving support

The Buddy can provide a superb diving platform with adaptable space for equipment. A 'moon pool' can be created by selective placement of the removable deck plates, and the general-purpose diving ladder can be deployed either into the moon pool or over the sides of the boat.

'A' frame lifting system

For mooring inspection and cable servicing, with either manual or electric winch options. Davit with pot puller also available - ideal for lifting underwater aeration pumps, etc.

Road Trailer

Water Witch Buddy vessels and pontoon workboats can be easily transported on a purpose-built twin axle heavy duty road trailer suitable for towing with a 4 x 4 vehicle.  Drop down ramps allow easy launch and recovery and allow for rapid deployment of the vessel between sites and economical mobilisation and off-water storage.  All trailers are plated and issued with an IVA Certificate.