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Water Witch Equipment

Additional equipment for expanding the everyday workload of our workboats:

The MOP Recovery Unit

MOP Recovery Device

Designed for oil spill recovery, the MOP is a belt system with an endless absorbent material, that extracts oil from the water for recovery and disposal. Especially effective and efficient when used in conjunction with our Boom equipment, the MOP recovers oil spills that have been already isolated and contained by the boom.

Skipper Barge equipped with a sealed tank skip deploying a MOP belt from behind a containment boom - powered by a Mk. 3 Water Witch


Floating devices that can deflect or contain oil in specific areas, usually for later recovery by a skimmer or a MOP device. We provide quality, durable oil booms which can perform effectively in a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

Our booms are available in a variety of sizes, they can be foam filled, providing light buoyancy or totally flexible and inflatable. Both these products meet the increasing demand for equipment that is fast to deploy, light and easy to handle as well as economical in use.

Depending on customers needs, Booms can be manufactured in highly visible red PVC coated woven polyester, resistant to oils and UV sunlight - ideal for tropical climates.

Mk. 2 Water Witch with a rotary-disc skimmer mounted in the Mesh Scoop

Oil Skimmers

Recovers floating oil from (or near) the surface of water. Our oil skimmers can recover up to 30 tonnes of heavy oil per hour. By mounting the skimmer on the Water Witch's Mesh Scoop, the operator works with maximum manoeuvrability to recover floating oil spill.

Mk.2 Water Witch deploying despersant

Dispersant Spray Unit

Our Dispersant Spray Unit provides a proven system performance consistent with modern oil spill response methods.


Dispersant chemical designed to be sprayed onto oil spills to accelerate the process of natural dispersion.