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Water Witch Workboat Attachments

The unique Water Witch can operate a range of attachments from the powerful front-end loader. A quick-release system ensures tools and be fitted in seconds.


This versatile crane unit makes light work of heavy loads - payloads of up to 1000kg can be lifted. Ideal for use in harbours and inland waterways, this unit can also be adapted to support the MOP recovery device and oil spill recovery requirements.

Log Grapple

Engineered to provide a powerful hydraulic grip action for handling difficult items such as trees, logs and bulky debris. Maximum reach below waterline approx. 1.07m, maximum reach above keel approximately 3.80m.

Mesh Scoop

The general purpose basket provides an ample 2.5 cubic meter capacity with every lift. Collects small and large items of trash and debris quickly and efficiently.

Salvage Pump

Run off the vessel's own powerful hydraulic system, a range of low cost, submersible Salvage Pumps are available for wash down, pump out and fire fighting duties.

Silt Bucket

A simple, general purpose bucket designed for digging, profiling, and removal of reed beds. Available in range of sizes to suit requirements.

Weed Cutter

A hydraulically driven cutting blade mounted in a collection basket for aquatic weed control. Incorporates 3.0m wide hydraulically driven blade for cutting and collecting aquatic weed. Bucket capacity 0.50m3. Max. reach below waterline approx. 1.07m.

Weed Ripper

The Weed Riper incorporates heavy duty steel to rip out bottom rooted and emergent vegetation, reducing regrow and immediately restoring navigation. High 2.5 cubic meter capacity with every lift. Maximum reach below waterline approximately 1.07m.

Dispersant Unit

Attachment with integrated storage for oil dispersal, complete with demountable spray arms, all hydraulically driven off vessel's own hydraulics. Holds 600 litres of dispersant.

Face Shovel

Loader attachment for light dredging, digging and profiling, Maximum reach below waterline approximately 2.0m, maximum capacity 0.283m3

Work Platform

This secure and stable Work Platform enables personnel access to hard-to-reach areas. The platform provides a safe area for the completion of various maintenance or inspection tasks. Features safety toe rail and gate.

Double 4 (multi-purpose) Bucket

System to allow vessel to dig 3.65m below waterline complete with multi-function bucket for silt removal, digging, grading and riverbank profiling. Bucket capacity 0.57m3, breakout 2,360kg.