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Mk. 2 / Mk. 3 Water Witch Workboats

A unique and robust multi-purpose workboat

A true multi-purpose, powerful workboat - the Water Witch provides ultimate flexibility, maximum reliability, combined with easy maintenance for quick and effective marine pollution solutions.

The unique Water Witch features a powerful front end loader which can lift up to 1000kg and reach to 3.65m below the waterline. A quick-release system ensures a range of loader attachments can be easily fitted in seconds. Attachments available include dredge buckets, log grapples, weed cutters/rippers, access platforms, cranes and more.

Proven over nearly 50 years of operation, the Water Witch range of innovative workboats offer reliable, powerful performance in the harshest of conditions. Designed using the latest 3d CAD systems and manufactured the highest standards from quality 6mm Lloyds Grade 'A' plate, The craft is designed to offer maximum versatility, ease of use and a minimum of maintenance.

Water Witch workboats can be custom built to your exact specifications and requirements. The wide range of equipment and attachments ensure a wide variety of tasks can be performed from one single workboat, such as:

  • Litter & marine debris recovery
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Dredging & profiling
  • Oil spill response
  • General harbour support

Both versions are available with a range of cabin configurations, low-profile options and a range of equipment.

Outline Specification Mk. 2 Mk. 3
Length (Hull) 7.2m (23' 7") 8.2m (26' 10")
Breadth 2.95m (9' 8") 2.95m (9' 8")
Operating Draft 0.90m (2' 11") 0.90m (2' 11")
Displacement 10,000kg (22,000 lbs) 12,500kg (27,500 lbs)
Engine Max Power 96kW (130hp) 143kW (190hp)
Maximum Speed 6.5 knots 8.5 knots
Loader Performance
Lift Capacity to Full Height 750kg (1650 lbs) 1000kg (2200lbs)
Max. Lift Height (above waterline) 3m (9' 10") 3.8m (12' 5")
Dig Depth (below waterline - standard loader) 1m (3' 3") 1m (3' 3")
Dig Depth (below waterline - Deep Dig arms) 3.65m (12') 3.65m (12')

We build to the UK MCA Code of Practice for Small Workboats, and both versions of the Water Witch have been approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping for Classification Standards (Special Service Craft). Vessels can be built under survey to classification or local regulatory requirements as appropriate.