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Water Witch Skip Barges

A flexible and efficient transport and storage solution

Our unique range of modular Skip Barges allows recovered debris and waste to be stored and transported using transfer skips employed by waste removal contractors world-wide.

Loading and discharging fully-laden skips is fast, and without any manual handling, enabling Water Witch operators to immediately resume work.

Each barge features quick-connect couplings to allow additional units to be connected to suit capacity requirements

Available in a wide range of sizes and designs

Skip Barges can be manufactured as a single or twin options, connectable in fleet form - instantly doubling your storage/transport capacity.

  • Flexible design to suit local waste transfer systems
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution to storing and transporting recovered debris, litter, aquatic weed, logs, silt or oil
  • Highly flexible range of storage options to meet each customer's individual requirements
  • Road transportable and easy handling with built in lifting points
  • Range of deck configurations and equipment options including heavy duty fendering, access ladders, handrails, storage lockers and bilge pump.

Built from highest quality 6mm all welded Grade A shipyard steel for strength and durability - scantlings exceed Lloyds Register requirements.

Outline Specification Single Skipper Barge Twin Skipper Barge
Length 4.25m (14') 9 .8m (32')
Breadth 3.05m (10') 3m (9' 10")
Depth 1.1m (3' 8") 1.07m (3' 8")
Capacity Weight 8t (17,600 lbs ) 16t (35,200 lbs )
Capacity Volume 6m3 (20 cu. ft.) 12m3 (40 cu. ft.)