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Buddy 7m


  • Versatile twin hulled utility craft with a unique interchangeable pod system and removable deck plates for a wide range of duties.
  • Efficient marine debris and trash collection (plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups, flotsam and jetsom) and aquatic vegetation.
  • Low maintenance, cost effective craft.

The Buddy provides a stable working platform for marina maintenance, aquaculture and waterway support operations.

The 7m version offers increased working deck area, enhanced storage facilities and range of wheelhouse options.


  • Removable Pods
  • Shallow Draft
  • Road Transportable
  • Flexible Deck Configurations
  • Multi-function Design


  • Floating debris retrieval
  • Cargo hauling
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Personnel launch
  • Safety support
  • Oil Spill Response


All-welded certified 4mm 5083 marine grade aluminium for strength, high durability, low maintenance and a long working life. Five watertight compartments, built in lifting points, treadplate decks, drop in handrails with strengthened locking feet. Range of operator console or wheelhouse options.

Available equipment

  • Litter Collection Basket
  • Pot Puller/Davit
  • Fire Pump
  • Cargo Pod
  • Weed Cutter
  • Oil Recovery System
  • Loading Ramp
  • A Frame Winch
  • Road Trailer


Space saving and extended operator consoles, removable canopies, fully enclosed wheelhouse, including drop down version and deck layouts to suit operator requirements. Safety equipment, on-board electrical and navigational equipment as required. Heavy Duty fendering systems included all welded D section, push knees, to suit operator requirements.   Surface preparation for non reflective surface, marine paint and antifouling optional.

Length (Hull) 7m (23')
Breadth 2.50m (8' 2")
Depth 0.70m (2' 4")
Operating Draft (unladen) 0.20m (8")
Displacement (unladen) inc. Basket 1,200kg (2,645 lbs)
Max. Air Draft (with cab) 2.1m (6' 10")
Max. Cargo Capacity 1,000kg (2,204 lbs)
Speed Collecting Solids 2-3 knots
Max. Speed (25hp Outboard) 7.5 knots
Operational Range Protected / Sheltered Waters
Engine 25 - 40hp high thrust, four stroke outboard

Previous Builds: Jebel Ali, UAE

7m Buddy Jebel Ali

This is the second Buddy craft to be delivered to UAE to support the growing number of awe inspiring man-made waterfronts. This vessel plays an important role in keeping the waters of the Palm Jumeirah clear of floating trash and debris using the litter collection basket, and is adittionally equipped to deal with light oil spills.

Previous Builds: British Waterways, UK

7m Buddy Jebel Ali

Operating within Liverpool's Albert Dock basin and Canning Dock, the craft will also service the new 2.5km canal link currently under construction, linking the docks to the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Canal boats will be able to navigate through from the terminus at Stanley Dock and past the Pier Head. The craft features an all aluminium wheelhouse, is equipped with a range of navigational and on-board safety equipment and is built to meet the proposed standards for Inland Waterway Craft.