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Aluminium Utility Boat

A robust, lightweight, no nonsense workhorse, built from 4mm 5083 marine-grade aluminium, designed to meet strength and stability requirements for commercial craft.

The all-welded construction offers decades of maintenance-free service and low cost of ownership. The lightweight hull features built-in buoyancy, flexible seating configurations and storage options, and requires relatively low engine power for impressive performance.

The shallow 'V' hull provides excellent stability whilst being capable of working in very shallow waters. A durable tubular gunwhale provides additional strength and protection. Slip-resistant self draining 4.5mm treadplate floors offer a generous working area (3.8m2 of usable floor space on the 5.8m version).

The Water Witch  AUB range is available in various hull, seating and console configurations to meet owner's exact requirements at reasonable cost.  As all boats are built to order, customers can specify many extras, including heavy duty bollards, towing posts, storage lockers, rubber fendering and push knees.

Outline Specification AUB 3.8 AUB 4.8 AUB 5.8
Length (Hull) 3.80m (12' 6") 4.80m (15' 9") 5.80m (19')
Breadth 1.50m (4' 11") 1.85m (6') 1.85m (6')
Depth 0.60m (2') 0.80m (2') 0.80m (2' 3")
Max Load 314kg 437kg 485kg
Engine (Max.) 15hp (11kw) 30hp (22kw) 30hp (22kw)

Optional MCA Small Commercial Vessel Certification or other approvals as required.

The 4.8m and 5.8m Aluminium Utility Boats are designed for Cat C Waters and meet the appropriate ISO standards Stability including the Offset Load Test and Level Floatation Standard, Swamped Stability Test and Swamped Buoyancy Tests.