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The ultimate workboats for waterway dredging

When fitted with the deep dig unit the Water Witch workboat can reach 3.60 meters below the waterline. For this specialist dredging, the versatile Double 4 Bucket attachment with a capacity of 0.57 cubic meters per scoop is ideal. The unique Double 4 Dredge system operates as a clam bucket, leaving the water bed flat.

In addition to the dredging functions - Water Witch attachments, including the Mesh Scoop and Weed Ripper, can be fitted to the deep dig arms if required. With the inclusion of these attachments, the Water Witch workboat is able to dig to a depth of 3.65m below the waterline and achieve even greater versatility.

The Double 4 bucket can dredge to a depth of 3.6m with a capacity of 0.57 cubic meters per scoop.

Dredging with the Double-4 Bucket in Brunei.

The Double 4 Dredge system is designed to carry out 4 functions:

  • Bucket dredging
  • Dumping
  • Bed levelling
  • Clam operation

Spud legs are not required because the vessel operates in a similar way to a land based bulldozer and the water bed is left flat - particularly advantageous when working on canals waterways with clay or concrete linings.