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Aquatic Weeds

Removal and management of fast-growing, problematic aquatic weeds

The uniquely designed Water Witch range of multi-purpose workboats and weed harvesters offer solutions for the efficient removal of floating, submerged and emergent weeds - by cutting, ripping or digging.

Weed Ripper

Our heavy-duty weed Ripper makes easy work of removing both bottom-rooted and floating weeds. In ideal conditions, when fitted with a Weed Ripper, a Water Witch can lift out 2.3 cubic meters every 3 minutes giving 46 cubic meters recovery every hour. (This figure was achieved under test conditions by the City of Coral Gables, Florida).

The Water Witch workboat has a maximum capacity of 1 tonne with every single lift and requires minimum maintenance - it's designed for continuous operation.

The combined weed ripper and debris scoop in action in Flordia, USA

The combined weed ripper and debris scoop in action in Flordia, USA

The Weed Ripper negates the need the cut the weed, which can encourage re-growth - it is also able to remove all manner of floating and submerged debris in conjunction with the weed.

For excellent accessibility in hard to reach areas - our low profile Water Witch - with ultra low headroom (less than 1m) can easily navigate areas with restricted clearance.

This mechanical method of removal for fast growing plants (such as Water Hyacinth that quickly forms huge restrictive mats on the surface of the water) offers an immediate, effective solution to the clearance of waterways - cutting down the need for continuous use of harmful and pollutant chemical herbicides.

Once removed, the weeds can then be deposited and transported in our purpose-designed Skip Barges.

Weed Cutter Boat

The Weed Cutter attachment is available on both the Water Witch and Buddy range of boats and incorporates a hydraulically driven cutting blade, ideal for harvesting bottom-rooted aquatic weed.