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Water Witch in Bilbao, Spain

Named 'URGARBI IV' this Mark 3 Water Witch debris collection boat works with a 9m twin barge with a capacity of 16 tonne cleaning the high profile waterway through the center of Bilbao. She is the 74th Water Witch built since the design originally went into production in 1967 and was delivered to Spain via road from our works in Liverpool.

This vessel features a standard wheelhouse layout with plenty of space for 3-4 crew with a shortened engine room casing to maximise available working deck space aft. The Water Witch also has a useful propeller hatch for easy access in the event of the propeller fouling. A PTO is fitted to run a 2" fire/salvage pump off the vessel's hydraulic service.

With log grapple attachment

In addition to the general purpose mesh scoop attachment for collecting floating and submerged debris and trash (capacity 1 tonne per lift), she has a log grapple attachment and a work access platform for cleaning quay walls and for supporting a whole host of waterway maintenance roles such as bridge inspections.

Due to the significant amounts of debris Urgarbi Servicios Ambientales chose a 16 tonne, 12 cubic meter capacity skipper barge for storage and transfer of the recovered debris. The boat can easily push the fully loaded barge at her top rated speed of 8.5 knots, and in fact, easily exceeded this on her acceptance trials. Heavy duty push knees ensure adequate protection and she has a rated bollard pull of 1.5 tonne. Once the skips are full, they are simply lifted out and replaced with empty skips so that a quick turnaround is possible. The barge is built to Lloyds Register Class requirements and scantlings and like the Water Witch, is road transportable.

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