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Modular Floating Pontoons, Platforms, Docks

Sept. 1, 2014

Water Witch have recently introduced a brand new range of road transportable aluminium docks and work platforms.

These modular designs are built from certified 5083 marine grade aluminium for strength, durability and ease of maintenance. Safety is of prime importance and the platforms feature generous freeboard and meet all relevant trim and stability requirements, including off-set load test.

The weight-saving characteristics of aluminium offers the advantage of easy of transportation by either road or shipping container and the units are designed to be loaded stacked. We also offer custom road trailers for towing by vehicles for easy launch and recovery.

Pontoons can be configured for outboard motors or can be pushed or towed as necessary.

With only a 2" draft our standard 6m x 2.3m pontoons can be used almost anywhere and are ideals for TV and film support, working on quaysides, under bridges, supporting general construction work and equipment transport.

Optional equipment includes

  • Scaffold tower
  • Removable hand/safety railings
  • Moon Pool
  • Loading Ramps
  • Dive ladders
  • A frame for mooring inspections

The unique modular design can handle various loads, equipment hauling payload and floatation requirements. Standard sizes range from 6m to 9m and various widths with two or tri hull options. Multiple units can be combined with inter-connectors and pinned together to make almost any size.

Decks can be set up for canopies, helms, workstations, collapsible wheelhouses, etc.