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Mk. 2 Water Witch To Hydro-Electric Dam

Feb. 1, 2013

A Water Witch has recently gone into service in Iligan, the Philippines ? the 72nd vessel of this design to be built.

This Mark 2 version has been fitted with a weed ripper attachment and grapple and is working removing hundreds of tonnes of water hyacinth and debris from the lake.

The boat works with a number of barges which accommodate removable skips for efficient storage and transfer of recovered waste, although she can also dump directly ashore when necessary.

The boat took 6 weeks to arrive on site from Liverpool and was shipped on a 40ft flat rack via Singapore, the final journey being on roll-on/roll-off ferry from the Port of Cebu.

The company is working on this project as a Joint Venture with Vanex Trading Corporation, who will be providing operational support and on-going maintenance for the customer.