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New oil spill response: the 'Pollution Pod'

May 10, 2011

The 8m Buddy pontoon workboat is an ideal platform for oil spill response, with the advantage of having the capability for rapid response due to her own launch and recovery trailer.

OPEC, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of MOP recovery systems, has developed a new design specifically to be used on the Water Witch Buddy. The lightweight double MOP conveyor system to be used inside the hulls of the vessel. Everything is designed to be stored in a dedicated drop in 'pod' which can be neatly stored off the vessel when not required.

The Pollution Pod is a simple way of inserting an oil skimmer between the hulls which can then collect and transfer oils into an OPEC flexible floating storage container alongside the boat.

Using a hydraulic power pack the system can safely use operate the skimmer and oil transfer pump with capacities up to 20m3/hour of oil recovery.

It's an ideal oil slick recovery system for docks, harbours, rivers, estuaries and swamp areas.

The 8m design is shown with a 40hp Mercury four stroke outboard and offers transit speeds of approx. 14 knots. The unique interchangeable pod system allows the boat to perform many duties such as buoy handling, dock maintenance, debris cleaning, inspections, dive platform and many others.