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New boat for The Pearl, Qatar

Dec. 10, 2008

Liverpool based Water Witch workboats is associated with specialist waterway maintenance and functional utility craft in steel and aluminium. The family-run firm has just completed a 7m Buddy Catamaran for Ronautica Middle East in Qatar ? a new market for the Company.

Built to service 'The Pearl', an impressive offshore manmade island with over 32 kilometers of new coastline and accommodating 700 berths, the vessel will be kept busy retrieving floating litter and debris using a collecting basket mounted between the hulls.

The craft features a large working area with removable deck plates and handrails for versatility. The aluminium wheelhouse provides comfortable accommodation for a crew of 3 coupled with plenty of secure storage. The step-down wheelhouse allows for a low headroom of only 2.10m for navigating under low bridges and the oversized windows allow for good 360 degree visability. The topside of the wheelhouse has a solar panel fitted to top up the dual charging batteries.

The vessel was delivered complete with a removable davit and Honda driven pot puller/hauler for lifting aeration pumps from the seabed ? making routine maintenance of the system easy work. A drop down ladder complete with hand grab rails was also fitted, using the same quick-fit fixing system utilised for the handrails. When not in use this is neatly stowed on the handrail.

This 7m all welded aluminium twin hulled craft is powered by a high thrust Yamaha BETL outboard engine matched with a dual thrust propeller for maximum manoeuvrability.

The standard design is approved to MCA Workboat Code Cat 6 and certified to carry 7 persons. It's operational weight is only 1,200kg, whilst cargo carrying capacity is rated at 1,000kg.

The whole rig is readily transportable by trailer between sites and can be slipway launched and recovered.

Other major waterfront projects utilising Water Witch vessels include Dubai Marina, Melbourne Docklands, and London Docklands.

The highly manouvrable craft also features wheel fenders to allow her to run against quay walls, where litter tends to collect. Powered by a whisper quite four stroke outboard and featuring a hull designed for minimal wash, the Buddy is extremely marina friendly.

Hulls are constructed from 4mm marine grade aluminium for strength, long life and low maintenance. A high percentage of the aluminium is from recycled sources, and the hull can be fully recycled at the end of it's working life.