100% Electric Versi-Cat Trash Skimmer

A tried and tested solution to cleaning up marine pollution
Torqeedo electric Trash skimmer boat, litter collection boat, marine debris recovery boat

With the rise of electric propulsion in today’s maritime world, Water Witch has brought together two-time tested platforms, the Versi-Cat Trash Skimmer and Torqeedo, world leaders in water based electromobility.

The rugged dependability and multi-use functionality of the Versi-Cat combined with the powerful and efficient Cruise 12.0 R electric outboard results in a highly versatile vessel which can hold up against its fossil fuelled counterparts.




Technical Specification
Model 6m Pontoon 7m Versi-Cat 8m Versi-Cat
Length (Hull) 5.83m (19′) 7m (23′) 8m (26′ 3″)
Breadth 2.30m (7′ 7″) 2.50m (8′ 2″) 2.50m (8′ 2″)
Depth 0.70m (2′ 4″) 0.70m (2′ 4″) 0.70m (2′ 4″)
Operating Draft (unladen) 0.20m (8″) 0.20m (8″) 0.20m (8″)
Displacement (unladen) inc. Basket 700kg (1543 lbs) 1,200kg inc. cab (2645 lbs) 1,200kg (2645 lbs)

Impressive battery life and short charge times using standard 16A shore power connection ensures the all-electric Versi-Cat offers a sleek and uncompromising operator experience while providing silent and emission free motoring.

Available in a two-battery setup for up to 8hrs operation or four-battery set up for up to 16 hours as well as offering the choice between standard chargers or fast chargers.

Electric propulsion is advancing fast, and by concentrating on building 100% electric systems (not just the motor but all on-board equipment) and from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials, we are able to offer a unique design that is a world first.

Each one of our Versi-Cat work boats are constructed from Marine Grade 5083 Aluminium which is made up of 75% recycled aluminium. Cutting down on our reliance of nonrecyclable building materials is just another way we strive to protect the environment.

Electric Work Boat
Loch Lomond Electric Workboat

Multi-Missions with Zero Emissions

The Versi-Cat design is designed to meet requirements for a variety of on-the-water jobs in addition to litter pickup. Last year, for instance, Water Witch delivered a Torqeedo-powered multi-mission electric workboat to the Loch Lomond National Park Authority as a step toward the goal of achieving net-zero emissions on the iconic Scottish lake’s waters by 2030.

The Versi-Cat can be configured to meet various tasks thanks to its unique removable central pod system.  The pods can be used for litter and debris collection, cargo handling and a variety of other tasks.  With the lifting frame and electric windlass, the vessel is also equipped to handle buoy and other installation maintenance, towing, personnel transport, rescue missions, as well as the possibility to assist in oil spill operations.  A customized road trailer was also supplied to allow the vessel to be easily deployed to different sites.

Tonnes of debris collected since 1963



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